Project - Residental
Area - 1450 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2021

This ornate residence has been built with a rich grandeur flowing amidst a cool and calm color palette of grey and brown. A variety of tropical paintings are quintessential in the entire space adding a good amount of character. Exclusive upholstery along with intricate artefacts build up creative details and create a unique language, amping up the style quotient. The master bedroom enjoys sophisticated comfort and leisure whereas the daughter’s bedroom is an eye catching experience in pink. The son’s bedroom is abound with a play of light and shadow due to the natural light pouring in. The living room is spacious, filled with a sense of tranquillity, unruffled in every aspect with the dining room and the kitchen sitting together as a perfect fit. This residence is an amazing juxtaposition of luxury and simplicity offering love and care at its maximum.