Casa Celia

Project - Residental
Area - 2600 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2021

The apartment you’re about to view is a mix of those ideas. Our client wanted to have minimalistic functional elegance in dark tones, and we came up with a concept he loved at once. Marble, wood, and glass in brown and gray created the look we aimed for: minimal, yet meaningful. The wall with cabinetry on the right is all covered in wooden panels, and this monotonous look hides all the appliances you expect to have in the kitchen. The wall with the sink and working zone looks more complex. It has a wood and marble mix that covers the storage spaces and niches with sliding doors, thus giving the wall more volume or more color combination. Pay attention to how the geometry of the lamp interacts with the forms of the glassed cabinetry. From afar, it looks like the bottom of the cabinet shelved is lit, but that’s just the side effect of placing the linear lamp at the right height.