Projects - Apartment
Area - 3300 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2017

A house should depict its inhabitant’s persona, and that is exactly what comes through when one step into this apartment. The client desired a residence that would bind the house with warmth and have an abundance of natural light and air. Ample place to display artifacts collected from their travels was also a requisite.
As one enters the house, the ambience of the house is luxurious and welcoming. Standing next to window the house offers vast open space allowing for a serene view of the river Tapti. You feel the grandeur of things to come right at the entrance. Once the sun sets, the house gleams in hues that change the very character of the space. Gone is the laidback sun basking appeal and what enters is a glam chic mode. Unfussy material palette with minimal and modern style made the project homely and lived in. Everything from flooring to the furniture has primary function to add more charm to the scheme. The interior scheme of the house is centred on the idea of free flowing spaces.

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