Project - Apartment
Area - 2050 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2020

The focus throughout this residence was to create a splendid space full of light, with luxury finishes. The interior has a color gradient to its colors flow smoothly from light and warm to more saturated and cool. The general color palette consists of pastel shades,with a variety of textured surfaces to make the interior more asthetic. The architect filled the space with stylish furniture, polished surfaces, and cladding the italian on wall to create a timeless elegance. A cultural set of metal plate Jain mantra's enhancing the owner's culture and makes the environment pure. Every room of the residence has its own special character. Bright and expressive finishing detail help provide it. The unique feature of each room work together to create an integrated ensemble. The master bedroom is uncomplicated a copper plated panelling shows how precious that space is. The children bedroom enjoys a language of sophisticated of jewel and wooden floor is used to lend earthiness to the interior grounding the design in tradition whilst being contemporary and new world that makes the whole space fabulous. The last and the most exclusive things of this space is home theatre in living space the most attractive thing is a peacfull wall painting how extremely asthethical and well designed it is.

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