PALATIAL retreat

Project - Residential
Area - 4100 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2022

This residence is an example of a magnificent space carved out to reflect the fine tastes of the owners. Classic, a bit modern, fully authentic – that’s how we define this project. One enters the home through a modern chic and neoclassical lobby accentuated with statement flooring.
The living area that led up to the main essence of the house has been designed to give the first impression of the house - Interesting and elegant , utilizing a stylish screen to divide the space while maintaining visual connectivity between the living and dining areas. The rooms are decorated in a multitude of textures, marble and subtly varying tones of color. A warm material palette is employed throughout the home, equally represented by hard finishes and furniture selections.
We create a sunken seating in balcony to add interest, depth, and dimension to this outdoor space.