Rustic Chic

Project - Apartment
Area - 2600 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2018

Details - The Interior Workshop has designed 4 BHK flat in Surat with an exotic paradise with tastefully considered elements that establish a comfortable and relaxing stay.
Monochrome contrast colour scheme and Accent Rustic minimalist Theme is used all over. A balance of texture, colours and materiality’s, this apartment, is crafted for minimal clutter, where everyone feels welcome.
To make a home that is unfussy and unpretentious, we had to delve into the universal values of raw & rustic, proportions and geometry. Abstract modern and art deco forms have been incorporated in all design elements. Every room is dominated by a combination of pantone colours, which forms the leitmotif, as well as source of inspiration.

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