Project - Residental
Area - 5000 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2022

Space, serenity, calmness… These are the first things that come to mind when we envision a private house. The designer’s job here is to create an interior that would make the residents feel each of these things. Our project had a few other requests we needed to consider. Since it’s a private house in the surat, gujarat which panoramic windows facing the internal society, we had to come up with a design solution that would complement the outside view. Here’s how we made it possible.
This living room is notable for a few things. First, we framed the walls with arches and doors with milled patterned veneer that instantly added volume to the room. Second, we chose a caisson-like type of ceiling to enhance spatial and acoustic characteristics — a very helpful thing for a building, whose owners play music. Finally, the combination of wooden and plaster molded panels ensured the presence of classics, while the panel with liquid metal effect unveiled a slightly futuristic atmosphere. Furniture-wise, we opted for classic with modern touch geometric forms, but their modern combination made the twist that looks so next century. It’s one of those rare designs where soft furniture is so organically combined with the hard-based one, like sofas and semicircular niche table. Italian armchair in orange upholstering added the color pop that this interior needed.
Tiles, metal, wooden boards, and laminate — these were our go-to materials when it came to the kitchen. The island in tile matches with the overall modern ambiance with fabric wall light, thus creating a holistic look. It’s also one of the most multi-functional items here as it has capacious drawers, a sink, a stovetop, and a working area. Each wall has built-in cabinetry that we covered with wooden and mold claasical panels, so don’t think this kitchen is as minimal as it looks. Since our clients love wine, we put built-in wine storage that maintains the perfect way. We have also family seating near our modern kitchen in that people can gather and enjoy the family time. Ceiling creates in dome with classical hanging shows rajasthani background with patterned floor in stone.
In the owners’ bedroom the master bedroom, we combined natural stone and wooden wall panels. It became a pretty bold design solution, granted that there’s a classical style with modern fusion on the overall ambiance — and it’s mixed and matched chaotically with the ancient rajasthani door and jarokha. This created a modern chic with a classical twist that our clients wanted. Designer bed and LaSvit golden wall lights made the sleeping zone comfortable, but also — highlighted the sophisticated interaction of textures.
The parents room was made using upcycling the existing old furniture of the client. Which perfectly fits into the design making them completely feel at home”, reviving the feel of their ancestral home which gives a royal vibe with in a cosy space. The paintings, the furniture, the artifacts, the whole mood and feel of the space were created keeping the fact that the design has to be very true to the roots of the client. The client belonged to a very traditional Rajasthani family. The”pahad art’‘ adorns the parent's bedroom wall along with upcycled jharokhas. Which is the main highlight of the design. We have always loved to design our furniture, all the elements of the parent bedroom and the main door are an example. Still striking a balance between contemporary, traditional, and creating a harmonious ambience.
The grey micro concrete texture which we make it in whole ambiance to create multi color bedroom with blue and grey. We make the bed also in micro concrete attached with floor that's the unique part of design. The bedroom and walk-in both give with semi-transparency, it gives that unique look cannot achieve with any other furniture piece. Plus, it expands the design option that would feel right only in this particular setting. And ,of course, its about the quality of service and our readiness to go an extra mile for our client. Every little detail plays a part. Having just the vision no solution, everything depends on execution, putting it together, that's what counts. People like dark interiors for many reasons: some find them calming, others — impressive, while for many more, they reflect their personal style. At the interior WORKSHOP, we support and relate to every single one of them. The apartment you’re about to view is a mix of those ideas. Our client wanted to have minimalistic functional elegance in dark tones, and we came up with a concept he loved at once. Simplicity was also our main concept for the bedroom, which is why we made an accent on one thing — the wall behind the bed is giving water texture feel connects to nature. It’s covered in micro concrete texture that look simply stunning by themselves. But when we hung the pendant lamps and switched the light on, we realized how interesting it was illumination-wise.