Project - Residental
Area - 2200 Sq.ft
Location - Ahmedabad
Completion Year - 2022

The team had several main tasks: to organize a spacious living-dining area where all family members can gather for dinner. And also to create a laconic bright interior according to the taste of the parents. At the request of the client, the team made the interior in laconic and noble colors, combining a variety of products from tan color and natural wood. The main challenge was to realize all functional areas without neglecting the aesthetics of the interior. The studio has paid great attention to lines, surfaces, and their harmonious interaction in the apartment. So, one of the key ideas of this interior is a wall light in living room that goes through several eye catching of the apartment.
It is mounted from the hallway through the kitchen-dining room straight to the living room. The wall set the tone for the overall concept because brass accents can be noticed in all the apartments: cabinet handles, the base of light compositions, taps, and shelves. As for the functional distribution of space, which designers of the studio thought out, one of the intriguing solutions is the open kitchen.
Traditionally for the studio, you can see in this apartment wares according to the team’s drawings. There is a custom marble table in the kitchen and a matching marble cabinet in the living room. If our client wants to read, he or she can find everything needed on an elegant custom rack made of thin rods that seems to grow straight out of the wall. The kids’ rooms also have a custom pink color with some tropical print shelving unit.