wave SCAPE

Project - Residential
Area - 3500 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2023

This abode in surat, perfectly captures the essence of contemporary living. With a modern lens, the design weaves together minimalistic opulence, natural light, and warmth, creating a sublime and neutral space. With a crisp and inviting entrance, you are immediately captivated by the warmth and hospitality that greets you. The walls, adorned with rustic wooden panelling, infuse the space with a sense of cosiness and tranquillity. The living room strikes a perfect balance between deep accents and a neutral palette, featuring custom furniture and a TV wall adorned with a pu finish.
Flowing seamlessly from the living room is the semi-open kitchen. Brown marble flooring unifies the living and dining areas, with a panelled wall adding a touch of texture. A statement-hanging light illuminates the dining area, complementing the white marble dining table and grey upholstered chairs. All five bedrooms in this abode exude elegance and individuality. Each space has been carefully curated, with minimal and muted tones creating an uncluttered and harmonious sanctuary. The design of the bedrooms ensures a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, while still maintaining a sense of style and sophistication.