Wave Length

Project - Residental
Area - 2800 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2021

Our task was to pay tribute to the architecture of the interior in all its magnificent details and preserve the integrity of the entire living space at the same time. We were challenged to embody all those principles that we love on the outside, inside, without neglecting the comfort. The overall concept of the space was developed, taking into account the principles of combining elements and textures, which would create an optical harmony and perfection. Anyone can notice, or rather not notice, not a single visible seam or negligent matching of materials in this architectural interior. Stone, wood, and metal are connected, smoothly bending, or even look as if they were a single whole organism. This interior has many straight lines that smoothly flow into wave-like shapes. And the absence of sharp corners is additionally emphasized by the rounded shape of the furniture. The designers of the studio picked out art objects that complement the very idea of ​​the space. And the most striking accent, deliberately “disturbing” the calm pastel palette of the living room, the painting “Horse. Evening ”of one of the most expensive Ukrainian artists of our time, Anatoly Kryvolap. We placed it opposite the main entrance from the hallway to the living room, implying that even perfection needs bright and bold accents.